Surgical Equipment & Consumables

REM SYSTEMS surgical equipment and consumables division offers advanced surgical equipment and supplies including Dornier high powered lasers for surgical soft tissue applications, equipment and accessories for transperineal procedures, temperature management as well as specialist infusion solutions.

We can meet all of your temperature management needs with our range of Gentherm and Attune Medical devices for patient temperature management in the operating rooms, cardiac cath labs, recovery rooms, and intensive care units.

Infection control is increasingly a focus for healthcare providers. Let us help you meet the changing infection control requirements with our extensive range of medical consumables including surgical and ultrasound probe covers, probe pre-cleaning and transport accessories, high-level disinfection systems and storage solutions, needle guides, grids, and drapes.

Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy made clean, safe and simple. We offer a full range if IV sets and accessories for infusion and transfusion procedures in emergency, surgery, critical and intensive care units. Also available are products for general hospital IV therapy and total parenteral nutrition (TPN) procedures.


Whether you are looking for multifunctional urology workstations, transportable lithotripters or convenient high-powered lasers, we have a solution to enhance clinical practice and enable better results for patients.

Dornier consistently drive clinical performance with their latest urological solutions, bolstered by their agility in innovation. Trusted by thousands of urologists and patients, they take pride in serving and supporting the urology community worldwide.

Needle Guides

Improve needle visualisation and reduce procedure time during ultrasound guided biopsy and point of care procedures with our range of needle guides. We have needle guides for most ultrasound systems and transducers, including general purpose and endocavity.

Pain Management

We recognise that anaesthesia plays a critical role in many treatments. We have you covered with an innovative range of anaesthesia delivery systems, needle guides and specialty covers to help reduce the risk of infection transmission.

Probe Cleaning & Disinfection Systems

Proper high-level disinfection and storage of your ultrasound probes is important to maintaining infection control compliance. CIVCO helps facilities achieve and maintain infection control compliance. CIVCO’s ultrasound probe covers, probe pre-cleaning and transport accessories, high-level disinfection systems and storage solutions are designed to protect patients by addressing the issue of transmission of infection.

Temperature Management

We can meet all of your temperature management needs with Gentherm's patient body temperature range in the operating room, recovery room, and neonatal intensive care units. This allows for early treatment that is highly effective, fast, cost effective and dependable.

Transperineal Prostate Solutions

CIVCO Medical Solutions offers a complete line of prostate treatment equipment and accessories to perform several ultrasound-guided transperineal or transrectal procedures such as Brachytherapy, Fiducial marker placement, Template-guided biopsies and Cryotherapy.

The CIVCO range offers clinicians a variety of stabilizers and steppers specific to the transperineal procedures being performed.

Ultrasound Probe Covers

One of the key challenges healthcare organisations face is the prevention and control of infections. Covering your ultrasound transducer for each procedure is an important way to prevent cross-contamination and reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections.

Protect your general purpose, endocavity, and TEE ultrasound transducers, as well as specialty instruments, with CIVCO probe covers.

Customer First Service and Support

We support our customers with product, system and application related services throughout the entire life-cycle of the asset.

Now as a part of the Paragon Care group we have a dedicated technical support call centre and over 50 service engineers on the ground across Australia and New Zealand. We are on hand to maintain the efficiency of systems and extend their life expectancy with preventative maintenance programmes, repairs and upgrades.

Contact our service team via email or phone 1800 737 222

  • Equipment repair and preventative maintenance
  • Electrical Safety testing and commissioning
  • Total equipment management