Small in size yet big on accuracy, reliability and reproducibility, our blood chemistry anaylser delivers real-time blood chemistry diagnostic information for care providers and their patients


Our blood chemistry analyser allows healthcare practitioners to perform routine multi-chemistry panels using 0.1cc of whole blood, serum or plasma. That’s only 3 - 4 drops. The system uses patented single-use reagent discs which contain up to 14 chemistry tests.


Blood biochemistry analyser

Our point of care diagnostic device offers clinicians the opportunity to have blood chemistry results in as little as 12 minutes, reducing the patients wait time and thus treatment times.

Analyser reagents and consumables

Our large range of single-use reagent discs makes testing easy and reduces operator errors. You can perform the most commonly requested chemistry panels using 0.1cc of whole blood, serum, or plasma and get results in approximately 12 minutes.

Customer First Service and Support

We support our customers with product, system and application related services throughout the entire life-cycle of the asset.

Now as a part of the Paragon Care group we have a dedicated technical support call centre and over 50 service engineers on the ground across Australia and New Zealand. We are on hand to maintain the efficiency of systems and extend their life expectancy with preventative maintenance programmes, repairs and upgrades. 

Contact our service team via email service@paragoncare.com.au or phone 1800 737 222

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