REM SYSTEMS have a wide range of quality products to meet the needs of clinicians working within this specialist area. Hazardous drug compounding and delivery is our speciality, providing closed compounding and delivery systems to ensure safety is paramount.

Closed System Transfer Devices

REM SYSTEMS understands that healthcare workers safety is as important as patient safety, particularly when working with hazardous drugs.

REM SYSTEMS offer a globally recognised, Red Dot Award, Closed System Transfer Device for compounding and administration of hazardous drugs.

A Closed System Transfer Device that was developed as a result of years of in-depth research through including assessment of potential routes of exposure, safety factors, and analysis of leading Closed System Transfer Devices on the market. The result is a completely airtight, leakproof and user friendly Closed System Transfer Device that complies with the strictest aseptic technique requirements and guidelines set forth by NIOSH and OSHA.

IV Consumables

Reducing the risk of exposure is especially critical when working with hazardous drugs. REM SYSTEMS offers an extensive range of administration Sets designed to minimise the risk of exposure to hazardous drugs during infusion delivery. Designed with specific patented features to create a closed IV line for use with any infusion device.

Infusion Devices

REM SYSTEMS offers a diverse range of infusion therapy devices which cover from simple regimes to complex oncology infusions with medication safety software. With dedicated consumables specific to hazardous drug delivery, we are sure to have a solution to meet your oncology needs either in the home or in a hospital setting.

Compounding Protective Equipment & Accessories

REM SYSTEMS offers a range of products specific to hazardous drug compounding both in pharmacy and on the ward. Our range provides additional levels of protection when working with hazardous drugs.

Sterile Infusion Bags

REM SYSTEMS offer an extensive range of sterile non - DEHP PVC and EVA infusion bags. Our range consists of needle free access ports, multiple configurations and sizes ranging from 100ml up to 3000ml and can be customised to suit individual application.

Customer First Service and Support

We support our customers with product, system and application related services throughout the entire life-cycle of the asset.

Now as a part of the Paragon Care group we have a dedicated technical support call centre and over 50 service engineers on the ground across Australia and New Zealand. We are on hand to maintain the efficiency of systems and extend their life expectancy with preventative maintenance programmes, repairs and upgrades.

Contact our service team via email service@paragoncare.com.au or phone 1800 737 222

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Electrical Safety testing and commissioning
Total equipment management